Aug. 16, 2022

Above and Beyond (disabilities) with Anthony Frisina

Above and Beyond (disabilities) with Anthony Frisina

Anthony Frisina, founder of his own brand Above & Beyond, shares how he has created success and what needs to be done to make the world more inclusive for other disabled people.

Although Anthony Frisina was born with Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus, he has accomplished a lot of success in his life and hasn’t stopped yet.

Frisina has two college degrees: one in Enterprise business and the other in office administration.  Frisina has worked for the college the graduated from for the past 17 years and works at a local university.  Frisina volunteers as the director of communications for the Ontario Disabilities Coalition.

Frisina is also the founder of his own brand, Above & Beyond.  Through his brand he is an author, actor, speaker, consultant and hosted his own show in Canada.

Frisina is also a forward moving ambassador (in the Untied States it is called Accessible Icon Project).

Frisina is currently running for city council in Ward 8 in Hamilton, Ontario Canada, and he shares why he wanted to run for office.

Frisina talks about how he created all the success he has enjoyed in his life and continues to enjoy today.  He also shares what he sees as changes that need to be made in society to allow other disabled people to create the own success, many of these changes revolve around overcoming ableism.

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