Aug. 9, 2022

Founder of Acorn cottage press with CF Kathrine Lockwood

Founder of Acorn cottage press with CF Kathrine Lockwood

Katherine Lockwood, author of Why Me Mama, shares how she did not allow a denied ADA accommodation to stop her from become the founder of Acorn cottage press

Katherine, aka Katite, Lockwood, shares how she lives everyday life as a mother of 2 and an educator with cystic fibrosis.

Katie discusses her experience of being terminated from her job as a counselor at a school over a denied request for continued accommodations for her CF when the delta variant of COVID hit the United States.

Katie shares how she pivoted from that setback to write children books and her founding of her own publishing business, Acorn cottage press.

Katie also shares about her book, “Why Me Mama” including the story that is within the book and that she wrote it for disabled children, especially children in the Mobius syndrome community, where there are currently no books in this space, and a community that one of her daughters is a member of.

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